Landsknecht Emporium

“We sell violence & violence accessories” The Landsknecht was the archetypal mercenary of the late 15th and most of the 16th century, with their heyday being in the second quarter of the latter. They were pretty much the meanest & baddest soldiers around that time, with a heightened sense of fashion. Our goal is to […]

Kvetun Armoury

Kvetun is the leading sword and protective gear manufacturer for HEMA and reenactment in Russia. Having spent many years actively competing, we faced the same problem as our customers: where do we get good equipment? Unsatisfied with what was available, we decided to produce our own and share with the HEMA community worldwide. Everything we sell has been […]

Castille Armory

About Castille Armory: “In 2013 Sam decided to jump in head first and take his love for the art of defense to a higher level. Zenergy Metal Works, LLC was founded and Castille Armory was brought to life. With a degree in mechanical and manufacturing engineering Sam has a great deal of experience in metallurgy. […]


Welcome to CombatCon™, the world’s only convention fueled by real martial artists, stage combatants, stunt professionals, experts in tactical combat and personal protection, and professional authors. Take classes, attend panels and presentations, watch demonstrations, fight in or watch Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) tournaments, peruse our Vendors, participate in thematic programing in our Experience Hall, […]