Josh Furrate

Josh Furrate has been playing with swords in earnest since early 2016 and he hasn’t stopped. In fact, he has simply pursued more methods of sword fighting whether it’s longsword (clothing optional), smallsword, or cutting, you can be sure that Josh has done it, seen it, and has insight on it. He brings this vibrant enthusiasm to all he does, but it shines brightest when he is teaching, which he does as a senior instructor at Ordo Procinctus. He has also been instrumental in facilitating the Baton Rouge Open (BRO), which is a two day sword event promoting longsword, rapier, and cutting. In addition to teaching at the sword club, Josh was accepted as an instructor at Schwertkampf Mexico 2019, where he shared his extensive knowledge of longsword. Though instructing is a heavy focus, he is no stranger to competition and in 2018 it showed. He won silver for longsword at Schwertkampf Mexico, gold for longsword at the Victoria Highland Games, silver for cutting at Valley of the Sun cutting competition, and perhaps the most important is his win in the cajun cook off at Krumpow. While Josh is known for his southern charm and propensity for sparring at the drop of a hat, what he is perhaps most known for is his great, big heart. You will be hard pressed to find a more generous guy, but keep it in mind that no matter how sweet his smile, he will fight tooth and nail in the ring.

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