Connor Kemp-Cowell

Connor Kemp-Cowell moved to Philly in 2015 to pursue his career in emergency medicine. After spending a year in the city, Connor bumbled across the Philadelphia Common Fencer’s Guild while looking for a HEMA club! Connor had read and watched stuff on HEMA for about a year to better describe sword combat in his D&D games, but when Connor finally had a longsword in hand, he knew this wouldn’t just be a once tried hobby to leave behind. Connor soon became the head instructor of the Philly Common Fencer’s, teaching an inclusive minded curriculum on the arts of Fiore dei Liberi and Philippo di Vadi! Connor’s competed across the east coast in a slew of tournaments since the rookie longsword tournament of Longpoint 2017. Connor’s most recent achievements include medaling 7th in Longsword at the Arnold Fencing Classic, winning gold in cloak and dagger at Swords in the North, and taking 4th place at Steel City Open 2018, IGX 2018, and Broken Point 2018!

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