Christopher Valli

Chris began his training in martial arts at the Shaolin Wushu Center in South Windsor, CT under Grandmasters Hu Jianqiang and Zhong Jianmei. He trained in kungu and taichi for 10 years where he reached the level of ‘purple sash.’ He also assisted in teaching children and beginner classes, and won several medals. In 2004, Chris attended a seminar on the German rondel dagger by Christian Henry Tobler and the next day ordered a pair of wooden training daggers. It was love at first disarm. Within a few months, he was attending classes regularly. In 2015, Chris earned the rank of “Free Scholar” through the Selohaar Fechtschule. He then started Laurel City Historical Fencing in Winsted, CT to be able to pass on his love of the sword to new students. In addition to historic fencing, Chris also enjoys archery, shooting, and really any sport that involves weaponry.

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