Pain & Gain in Fiore’s Abrazare

Fiore always said that there are two types of Abrazare: that which we do with our friends for sport and for fun, and that which we do in true violence when our lives are on the line. When dealing with the second kind of Abrazare, Fiore sure does have some nasty ways to gain the upper hand when you come to the grapple – from groin kicks to eye gauges. In this workshop students will look at the Plays of Abrazare that specifically deal with using pain compliances to gain an advantage over your opponent. We will also look at other ways pain can be used to create an extra tempo, or to create the grease that allows other plays in Abrazare to be executed with ease. Students will get to use these pain compliances to flow into the other plays of Abrazare, specifically the plays that allow you to end the fight by taking your opponent to the ground.

Location: 3 (Main Field, Lanes 5&6) Date: September 27, 2019 Time: 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm Kimberleigh Roseblade