Murder-coptering: An In-Depth Study

The basis for this class is understanding the proper use and context of the zwerch. In this class, we will learn how to both execute and counter this cut, as well as advanced maneuvers, proper training methods, and improper uses for this cut, all while practicing appropriate footwork. Required equipment: Mask, gloves, longsword

Give ‘Em the Stick: Fiore’s Bastoncello

A small but rather interesting section of Fiore’s work, the bastoncello, is shown in defense against attacks in various social situations. Beyond those four specific techniques in-and-of themselves, you can flip a few pages in the manuscript and start pulling out dagger plays for this or other improvised weapons. We’ll even answer the question of […]

Defending with Art

Killing the opponent was not always an option. Sometimes a bleeding head wound or the shame of defeat was enough to stop the fight. In this class we will be looking at a variety of techniques applicable with the messer, some of which involve disarming the opposition. The ability to display such mastery is a […]

Shotel: Ethiopian Sickle Sword

The shotel is the iconic sickle sword of medieval Abyssinia. It features a doubled edged often semicircular blade that could be used to slash like shamshir or hack and pierce like a sickle or hook. Its origins are shrouded in mystery but some trace its roots to the kingdom of Axum. While others refer to […]

Introduction to German Halfsword

This class will look at some of the fundamental concepts of the halfssword; converting the use of a longsword into a short spear or prybar. We’ll look at where to target an opponent in armor, some basic principles of attack and defense, then wrestling at the halfsword. This will be a good foundation for those […]

Krumphau: The Offensive Parry

This class goes over the body mechanics, footwork, and concepts of using Krumphau to control the fight. Number one rule in fencing is don’t get hit but, if you’re fighting someone you’ve never fought before, do you trust your Zorn to save you? Through the Krumphau, we learn how to control the center line and […]

Pain & Gain in Fiore’s Abrazare

Fiore always said that there are two types of Abrazare: that which we do with our friends for sport and for fun, and that which we do in true violence when our lives are on the line. When dealing with the second kind of Abrazare, Fiore sure does have some nasty ways to gain the […]