Introduction to Mair Sickle

Join us for an introduction to Mair sickle. We’ll work through several of the plays and explore another peasant weapon. If you’ve ever thought that dagger could be improved with hooks, this class is for you. Required equipment: Mask, light gloves, cup, synthetic sickle trainers (if you have them)

Guard Matchups

Guards are an integral part of the RDL (Ringeck, Danzig, Lew) texts. We are told to fence from the four guards, we are given techniques to execute from the guards, and we are also given an answer to each of the guards should your opponent be holding one of them. However, these ideas are only […]

Beating Burn Out: How to Be a Better Teacher, Coach, and Training Partner

This workshop will include an overview of both introspective and practically applicable strategies to improve as a mentor in HEMA. Participants will be provided with tools aimed at increasing their usefulness to fellow practitioners of all experience levels, allowing them to get the most out of training with newer students, and helping to mitigate instructor […]

I Don’t Mean to Disarm You – Wait, Yes I Do!

There is a very special feeling that every longsword fencer gets when they successfully disarm their opponent. In this workshop, students will look at the different disarms that are presented by Fiore in the Getty manuscript. Participants will get the chance to break down and look at the core motions and physics that allow each […]

Beginner Longsword Pools

The format for the Beginner Longsword tournament is different from the Open Longsword tournament. Fighters will be organized into teams of 4, with the members of two teams facing each other. Each team will be assigned one coach to assist throughout the tournament. Extra coaching and judging time will be given to ensure an educational […]