Introduction to Historical Wrestling

Wrestling was a major component of both Fiore and Liechtenauer’s fighting systems, but wrestling instruction that emphasizes medieval wrestling concepts can be difficult to find. As a result, the average HEMAist’s skill with a blade significantly exceeds their skill at wrestling. This class aims to provide both novice HEMAists and experienced practitioners a foundation of […]

Maghrebi Stick and Sabre

In this workshop, we will explore the art of Al Matrag, a form of stick fencing practiced in western Algeria and Morocco. According to the Cheikhs (Teachers), the stick was used to prepare the warriors of the Maghreb (Northwest Africa) for the sword. In fact, there appear to be a number of correlations between the […]

Audatia & The Dagger

When a dagger is in play, Fiore says that you have no other choice but to be bold and you must go at it with everything you have. Like the ardent lion, you must be courageous (“I welcome all to meet me in battle.”) and it is here where we harness Audatia. You cannot be […]