New England Sword Gathering

In New England, the Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) community continues a tradition where local clubs host one another in a rotating series of “gatherings” for free fencing, exchanging of ideas, and providing attendees opportunities to broaden and deepen their understanding and practice of HEMA. That tradition is the NESG.

This page provides a schedule of upcoming events. Please reach out to the hosting club via their event link below for further details. The schedule will be updated periodically, so be sure to check back often!

To post questions or info to the New England HEMA community, email the NESG mailing list:!


Date(s) Facebook Event Host Website & Latest Details
9/29-10/1 Iron Gate Exhibition (IGX) Athena, Forte Website: Longsword, Dagger, Mixed Weapons, Cutting Tournaments, 3 days of hands-on Workshops and Free Fencing!
8/17-8/20 [NEW as of 8/7] Fechtschule Frisbee NHKdF Website: New to the region: Horsey HEMA! Longsword tournament, Ringen Workshop by Tim Hall, classes and workshops all weekend.
7/29 Fairfax Mini-Ren Faire Grünberg Freifechter Open demos for Dussack and Ringen, Introductory Longsword Lesson, Open testing of the IGX 2017 dagger ruleset, Open Longsword tournament utilizing modified Swiss pairings technique, Colchester’s Mead Hall for old world dinner fixings and drinks
7/2 NESG: Adventure Room Boston Armizare Please sign up via the Facebook event or or email Mike O’Brien via the NESG mailing list to sign up — spots limited!
6/17 Boar’s Tooth Boston Armizare WebsiteEvents will include: Longpoint South 2017 Longsword qualifier tourney, IGX dagger rules test tourney, clinic on Stretto (Ringen am schwert) of Fiore dei Liberi, and more TBA
4/22 Symposium at Mass Center for Renaissance Studies Association for Renaissance and Medieval Swordsmanship Website
4/1-4/2 Brass Frog Assault of Arms Western Swordsmanship Technique and Research WebsiteEvents will include: Military Sabre/Backsword, Great Stick and Smallsword
2/25 NESG #4 Resurgam HEMA Lectures (Viking Age experimental Archaeology), Scottish broadsword workshop, Elizabethan rapier fencing demo; register by email (
1/29 Cakefecht Athena School of Arms Longpoint South 2017 Longsword qualifier Tourney, Fitness clinic and Rapier clinic, free fencing


Date(s) Event Host Latest Update
12/17-12/18 Longsword Seminar Long Island Historical Fencing Society Featuring Hugh Knight
11/20 NESG #1 Forte Swordplay Footwork clinic, beginner’s clinic, mini tournament